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[Fic]: For Remembrance

 I've found so many wonderful fanfiction on Hamlet recently that I decided to try and write something myself. Horatio-centric (how else), post-play shortfic inspired by all my lovely findings... But initially by a line in the drama itself, which is included in the story and is, for me at least, the most romantic verse ever created by good old Will. And should you find any mistakes in the text, please, let me know.

Title: For Remembrance (Horses);
Words: 542;
Rating: G;
Pairing: Hamlet/Horatio (strongly implied);
BGM: Tori Amos, Horses;

Horatio decided his presence was no longer neededCollapse )


So, this is my First Ever contribution to this comm, and naturally, instead of being some fantastic fic like what everyone else here seems to be writing, it's something dumb. Of course. :P

Basically, the silliness of this song seemed like a perfect fit for this version of Hamlet, but the more I thought about it, the more the lyrics seemed to match Claudius as well... Eventually, I just decided to make the first part Hamlet's perspective, the second Claudius', and the last... kind of omniscient nonsense.

Anyway. Enjoy! (I'm glad I finally have something to post here, because it is a fantastic comm!)

Leucorea Library

A fic based on a conversation I had with gignocum about . . . four years ago. Arguably a part of our combined Wittenberg universe, especially given that I've been taunting gig with its gestative existence for a couple years now, but this is the first time the thing has even come close to seeing the light of day.

Title: Leucorea Library
Characters: Horatio, a bit of Hamlet
Rating: PG? G?
Summary: Early in his time at Wittenberg (or Leucorea, to use the university's Greek name), Horatio happens to be in the right place at the right time

Leucorea LibraryCollapse )

Fic: The After-Silence

Well, it sure has been a while, hasn't it? Have some fic.

Title: In the After-Silence
Characters/Pairing: Horatio and Fortinbras, with allusions to past Hamlet/Horatio.
Rating: Oooh... PG? It's got some angst and suicide in it.
Word Count: 899
Summary: After Hamlet's death, a kind of war is waged between Fortinbras and Horatio. And while Horatio may lose some battles, he was always going to win the war.
Notes/Warnings: The title is from the song Now She'll Never Know, by Marillion, which I have been listening to on repeat for two days and which is the final song in Fodor's Hamlet and is also incredibly sad. Apologies for attempts at Shakespeare-speak, small though they are. Speaking of which, Fortinbras' use of the 'thee' form is derogatory, using it as he would to a servant or inferior.

At my journal.


Hamlet Meets Google...

So, I was procrastinating on youtube, and I found that someone had done a Google Search Story based on Julius Caesar.  Naturally, I decided to make one of my own.  For Hamlet. Just follow the link (I can't seem to get the embedding to work). Hopefully you'll find it mildly amusing.





Fic: Gertrude Listens In

I'm too addicted to Hamlet. Seriously, I think this is becoming dangerous.
But anyway, have some fic.
Which I will cross-post to bard_slash. Because I'm a shameless attention whore as well as procrastinator.

Title: Gertrude Listens In
Author: hoc_voluerunt
Pairing/Characters: Hamlet/Horatio, Gertrude
Rating: PG? 13? Nothing's shown, but it's definately heard...
Word Count: 416
Summary: Gertrude overhears a certain something going on in her son's bedroom.
Notes/Warnings: Silly, reactionary little drabble to Margaret Atwood's Gertrude Talks Back, based on this quote: "Go get yourself someone more down-to-earth. Have a nice roll in the hay"; and the fact that Horatio is the first person that comes to mind when you think Hamlet and 'down-to-earth'.
Also, just - sorry. I couldn't help it. But I I do love the thought that that oh-so-simple and beloved phrase of Horatio's - "E'en so, my lord" - would totally be what tips Hamlet over the edge.
Just - sorry.
Disclaimer: Shakey owns 'em. I just stick 'em in the same bed.

At my journal.


And Yet More

Okay, sorry about the spam, but I'm getting sick of editing this, so I just decided to post and be done with it.

Title: Name Me Thine
Author: hoc_voluerunt
Pairing: Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: PG, possibly PG-13, for heavy innuendo, allusions to... last night, nudity and boykisses.
Word Count: 1713
Summary: More Wittenberg. Hamlet tries to pay Horatio a compliment, Horatio has issues (shutup, it's early), angst and kisses ensue.
Notes/Warnings: Er... simply put, lots of innuendo and wordplay (because, in case you haven't heard, Shakespearean dialogue is incredibly fun). But there's a much more comprehensive list of notes above the fic, if you'd care to read it.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, we'd never have had this whole you-vs-thee problem in the first place.

At my journal.


More Fic

See, I told you there'd be more. This time it's some ridiculous Wittenberg fic, inspired by gignocum's comment that Horatio would be the only one with the ability to "[tell] hamlet to bugger off already and vent his Eternal Anguish in the morning".

Title: Shut Up, My Lord
Author: hoc_voluerunt
Pairing: Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: G? Possibly PG, for innuendo/vague hints at earlier... activities...
Word Count: 499
Summary: Hamlet starts spouting some eternal anguish at about four in the morning. Horatio shuts him up.
Notes/Warnings: There's a crapload of notes with the actual fic. I'd recommend reading the fic first, so you understand what I'm saying in them.
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't profit (even though I'm pretty sure it's PUBLIC DOMAIN, BITCHES!).

"To be or not to be - " *THWACK* "SHUT. UP."

[Side-note: should I, or should I not, post this to bard_slash  as well?]


Wittenberg: Unspoken

 Now that this community is on its way to being off the ground, I think I'll go ahead and drop another of my Wittenberg fics . . . again from the canonized Wittenberg universe property of fog_shadow  and myself (that is to say, glorified fanon ;P . . . an established understanding of characters and world that tries to be consistent within itself itself, between the two of us).

Title: Unspoken
Characters: Horatio, Hamlet
Rating: PG
Summary: Something is troubling Horatio. Or perhaps Hamlet. 
Warning: If you feel a trifle uncertain as to what precisely is "going on" in this fic . . . you are not alone ;P


UnspokenCollapse )


Let's Fill the Archives

Right, well, this might be the greatest community ever. Because Hamlet is one of the greatest things ever. As my obsession with it may reveal.

So I decided, since I've done a bunch of Hamlet-related things lately, I may as well put em all here. And trust me there will be more.

Anyway, have some fic.
The first one's pretty much a dramatisation of the final scene, from Laertes' death to the end, minus the boring speeches at the end. I just wanted to have a go at putting into words what I saw in my head.
Second was a kinkmeme fill, for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I hope you've got strong cranes to hold up enough disbelief for it to make any sense...
Third is a little Hamlet/Horatio, sparked by my musing of Horatio never calling Hamlet 'thee'.

I've also written a couple of essays (because I'm a nerd like that). One's on loyalty, the other was for the question 'Who is Hamlet?'

Aaand, that's it. Hope you don't mind the spam, but I thought, since the community's new and practically empty, might as well post all that I've got.