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The Chameleon's Dish

We'll teach you to drink deep, ere you depart

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Hamlet fanfic and discussion
Welcome to the Chameleon's Dish, a community dedicated to fanfiction and discussion of Shakespeare's Hamlet. We eat the air, for words are made of breath.


1. Please stay relevant to Hamlet. Material pertaining to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead or various novelizations of the play is also welcome, as is any crossover you can devise, but bear in mind that we are Hamlet-centric rather than a community for all of Shakespeare.

2. Heed rules of proper spelling and grammar in your posts.

3. Fics, pictures and long entries should be posted behind cuts.

4. All genres of fanfic are welcome (het, gen, slash, AU, whatever), but please include warnings for any explicit content. The same applies for fanart.

5. Please be respectful of your fellow users in your posts and comments.