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Wittenberg: Vice and Inclination

Title: Vice and Inclination [<--technically still a working title but whatever]
Characters: Hamlet, Horatio
Word Count: 2,243
Universe: Wittenberg verse shared with fog_shadow
Acknowledgements: Many thanks as per usual to the aforementioned fog, my beta reader and co-creator and Useful Greek Scholar, to whom this fic owes its reference to Iphigenia in Tauris (because Greek is still Greek to me, even if it wasn't actually to Casca)
Summary: On a night when most students are out carousing, our protagonists inquire into such questions as the definition of virtue and Horatio's capacity (or lack thereof) for certain vices.

Note: This fic was composed for an asexual fanwork challenge spanning the month of April. As my interpretation of Horatio has always been asexual (before I was even familiar with the term), I figured I would produce something for it. Fics were required to somehow or other feature asexuality or at least include it significantly in the story.


the fic itselfCollapse )


: Hamlet, allusions to Harry Potter and pretty much everything else
Pairings: Horatio/Hamlet (implied), Ophelia/Hamlet (implied), Hamlet/Rationalist!Cordelia (suggested)
Word Count: 1,194 (excerpt)/10,130 (full text)
Rating: PG-13 for violence, double entendres
Summary: Hamlet's studied the scientific method.  Claudius has read Machiavelli.  'twill be an awesome fight for awesome stakes.  Original flavor.  Yes, really.

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Fic: Tempted Toward The Flood

Fandom: Hamlet
Characters/Pairings: Horatio/Hamlet, Hamlet/Ophelia (implied), Claudius, Gertrude, Laertes, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern
Word Count: 4479
Rating: PG-13 for mild swearing
Summary: Everything Horatio ever did was for Hamlet, even the things that made it worse. A little bit AU.
Notes: Written for a prompt from [info]gehayi on the Big Gay Hamlet Ficathon. Title from Act I, Scene Four.

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Fic: Untitled Hamlet/Horatio

Author: hoc_voluerunt
Pairing: Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: PG? Just some vague references to war and such traumas.
Word Count: 403
Warnings: None, but apologies, as always, for my terrible Shakespeare-speak, even if there's only one line of it.
Summary: Just a pointless little thing based on a Sherlock/Hamlet premise/brainstorm/fangirlish explosion of ~feelings~ between me and Sig. Horatio, an army surgeon, is sent from war to Wittenberg with a scar on his shoulder and sleepless nights
Disclaimer: Obviously this is all entirely Sig's fault. We nether of us own either Hamlet or Holmes, in any incarnation or combination.

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Fic: Stitches

I wrote this a while ago and when I found this community I knew this was the right place for it

Title: Stitches
Characters/Pairings: Laertes/Ophelia, Ophelia/Hamlet
Summary: How many stitches do you think it takes to fix a cut this big?
Word Count: 1499

You cannot tell the world when to stop, for you are needed here

Hamlet the Text Adventure

Dreadfully remiss, I am, about informing everyone of this, seeing as I first discovered it about two years ago, but it somehow hasn't been at the fore of my mind for a while. Anyway, however, here it is:

Hamlet the Text Adventure

A fun little game in which you are Hamlet, and try to accomplish things from your own play, as well as solving problems from a few other plays as you go. Do be sure to die in as many interesting ways as possible! ;)

Wittenberg: First Conversation

Ok, yes, I'm sure you've read at least half a dozen other first meetings of Hamlet and Horatio, but (by golly!) here's mine, somewhat sporadically in the works for about four years. Several elements are derived from old, half-forgotten conversations with gignocum, and one or two are flat-out stolen.

Title: First Conversation
Characters: Hamlet, Horatio
Rating: G
Summary: Hamlet has, for a time, been aware of Someone with a Book, and finally takes an opportunity to try to learn something about him.

First ConversationCollapse )
 ... In a row. At some point things are just bound to get silly. I still have many less-than-sane ideas in tow, but for now it's just some (chibified) Hamlet and Horatio. Enjoy... Or at least don't try to stab me afterwards...

Title: A prince in need...
Characters: Horatio, Hamlet, Yorick (?);
Rating: G
Notes: Those were originally two separate doodles, I was trying to get familiar with Branagh version of the characters; somewhere along the way it merged into this little scene...

(A prince in need... Is just plainly annoying)

Title: Shut up, sweet prince;
Characters/Pairing: Horatio/Hamlet, Yorick;
Rating: PG? There is a kiss, but it's in chibi, so no idea, really...
Notes: I'd lie if I said hoc_voluerunt 's Shut Up, My Lord had no influence on this. Other than that... There really is a limit to hearing out the prince soliloquy - and having watched 5 versions of the play, some of which twice (or more) kind of makes you want to tell Hamlet to simply clam it. Good thing Horatio had a better idea.

(The Prince doth soliloquy too much)

EDIT: I pestered my friend to put up something from her own Hamlet doodles... And as she didn't object to me linking it here, have some Yorick love: (link)

Fic: A Private Ceremony

Title: A Private Ceremony
Pairing/Characters: Horatio, with allusions to past Hamlet/Horatio
Rating: Fff, I dunno... G? Possibly bordering on PG for being horribly depressing, as anything connected to this play must inevitably become.
Word Count: 1370
Summary: After Hamlet's death, the new King Fortinbras held a horribly official funeral for the prince, giving him the rites of a soldier. A few days later, Horatio manages to make his way to the tomb to hold a more personal service.
Notes/Warnings: I was driven to write this through a contemplation of the wrongness of Fortinbras' promise of "the soldier's music and the rite of war", especially when contrasted with Horatio's "flights of angels". I don't know how well it works, but I couldn't get the idea of Horatio holding a tiny, surreptitious funeral out of my head, not when I started thinking of the massive, official rites that Fortinbras would hold when all of Hamlet's family and his few, prominent friends are dead, and the only person who really knew him and loved him and is still alive is an insignificant peasant.
And of course, despite this being about death and grief and horrible things like that, it is still Hamlet and still in attempted Shakespeare-speak, and therefore I cannote escape the innuendo, what. Seriously. It is all-encompassing and pervasive and I cannot escape.

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